Level 3 Cohort 4 has begun!

With the first post of our blog, we’re happy to announce that our 4th Cohort of Level 3 has officially begun!

If you are new to Indie Game Academy and what we do, Level 3 is our game development bootcamp, where students will learn how to run a succesful gamedev studio and publish a monetized game during the course of 3 months, during which they’ll learn the basics of programming, marketing, producing, publishing and more.

The students are sorted into Houses, specifically House Warrior, Rogue, Cleric and Ranger, and will be rewarded with points by participating in classes, completing tasks and just having fun! The house that ends the course with the most points will become the winners of the prized House Cup, with House Rogue being the current champions.

Here’s a Youtube video about what we do in IGA and the basic question of our program: How to start an indie game studio?

Also, feel free to join our Discord community, we have an amazing group of people that are always happy to help, share and celebrate your work.

We’ll be constantly updating you on the progress of this cohort during the next months, both in here and in our social media, and we will also publish articles of interest to the gamedev community, so make sure to subscribe!

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