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Top 3 tips to get into the game industry

By Willem Delventhal. The top 3 tips to help you break into the video game industry, developed with hundreds of graduates from the Indie Game Academy. — # 3: Apply now, and cast a wide net — I run into many fresh developers who stop themselves from applying for dream jobs for one reason or another.…

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google stadia developers

What Google Stadia’s Demise Means for Indie Developers

By: Jay Rooney Google’s shocking-but-not-really-that-shocking decision to pull the plug on Google Stadia is like bankruptcy, or societal collapse, in that it happened two ways: gradually, and then all at once. Since the ill-fated cloud gaming service’s announcement, Google had clobbered Stadia with one self-inflicted would after another, from its baffling choice to use three…

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